Tuesday, January 26, 2010


.........one 6 year old's tooth!
Kali told me last week that her tooth was loose. I checked but thought she was full of it. Sure enough while brushing last night out it came! She is so excited to be growing big!

My little Jr. Jazz thief! Kaleb is extremely good at stealing the ball. He can't quite make a shot though!
Abbi has once again made it in the top 10 for the Science Fair. Judging will be on Friday. I'm so proud of her and her hard work!

AND....for the little turd. At FHE last night she thought it was pretty funny to put the scripture bag on her head and totally disrupt us! But she sure is cute eh?


Kayleen said...

Your children have the most beautiful eyes. . .like you!!

ADizzle's Blog said...