Sunday, January 3, 2010

Julie and Julia

Katie, Abbi and Lexy and their very first apple pie.

Which reminds me of the movie Julie and Julia. It's basically about a girl who takes on a challenge to cook EVERY recipe out of Julia Childs cookbook in 1 year. Which is more than 1 new recipe a day. CRAZINESS! One of my new years resolutions this year is to cook 1 new recipe a week. Thus enhancing my current cooking skills which will make my husband VERY happy.

A few of my other resolutions:
Get back into shape (another 1/2 marathon in May)
Quit the bottle (of Diet Coke that is)
Try to say "Yes" to my kids more often
AND have more patience.


amy said...

Cute picture and you gotta love the pie. The background in the girls picture...a little embarassing.

Coombs Family said...

Those are some ambitious and good resolutions! Good luck.