Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome October

I LOVE LOVE LOVE October. I LOVE Halloween, LOVE scary movies, I LOVE haunted houses and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE October's craft.

I don't so much love having to pull all the annuals out of the flower gardens. But this was so cool. Remember Abbi's science fair project? The Merigold's that she grew? This is ONE of hers. The one's that I bought from the store were teeny tiny. I hated having to pull out these beauties!
Not such a good day for Kaleb. He has ended up with his first migraine at age 8. Mine started at the age of 13. He hurt so bad after refunding, that he didn't want to leave the bathroom. So I got him a pillow and his blanket. He finally fell asleep. Poor poor thing.


LutzFam said...

Poor little man! Tori gets those too. Not fun!!!

Coombs Family said...

Poor Kaleb! That is awful. On a happier note...Welcome October!