Friday, October 9, 2009

....and the bad luck continues.

Yup. Seriously. We were at Kaleb's flag football game and Abbi took Kaisey over to the park to play. She brought her back and said she fell and got hurt. (Just today I finally wrangled the truth out of her, and they went down the slide funny.) Anywho we went to the Instacare and we got x-rays. There was nothing out of the ordinary but she was clearly favoring her left leg/foot. They said to give it a couple days and if she still wasn't looking good to bring her back. So I took her in to see her Pediatrician today and he did more x-rays. Still there's nothing showing up, but she's acting worse. He put her in a splint, and said to come back after the weekend if she still won't walk on it. Apparently a break can be very difficult to identify. It's either OBVIOUS, or it can take a few days or so to show up.
One of my AWESOME friends/neighbors just stopped by with a treat and a Diet Coke. What an angel. You made my day (and almost made me cry). What a blessing you are!

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