Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaleb's Birthday Party 2009

Kaleb hasn't officially turned 8 yet. He wanted a Luau. We had his party last weekend since it's starting to get cold. The kids got lei's as they came to the party. They ate Hawaiian Pizza, decorated their own cupcakes with Hawaiian flowers, tie dyed t-shirts (what a mess), swam in the pool, and played in the hot tub. We over heard a couple of the kids saying, "Kaleb, this is the coolest party ever." Mom's job is done here. Ha.
While Kaleb was opening his presents we were obviously distracted. We noticed this.
My sweet little Kaisey dumped all the sprinkles onto her plate and was eating it in handfuls. Never a dull moment at our house.
One more birthday party to plan this year. Whew. Parties are exhausting.

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