Monday, March 30, 2009

Riverton 1/2 Marathon

The night before my Riverton 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles ya'll), I let the kids have a sleepover. Not such a great move. Abbi had Katie sleepover, and they were just fine. Kaleb had Jonas sleepeover (isn't it cute with their matching pajamas?) and they were fine, and it was very nice of Kaleb and Jonas to let Kali sleep with them. That is where the problem occured. Kali couldn't be quiet. She thought it was so cool!

This was quite the accomplishment for me. I have been training for about 2 months. Of the two months I trained HARD and consistant for the first 6 weeks. The last two I slacked on, and I think it REALLY hurt me. However, I did finish in 2:34, and in 79th place overall. Not too shabby!

Kaleb's new passion. Drawing Mario Brothers characters, and not JUST Mario Characters...but ALL of them. Driving me insane! He cuts, and colors, and glues, and leaves pieces, and mess ALL over! But he is a very good little artist if I don't say so myself!

Koopa Trooper. What you can't that this guy is 3 dimensional. He has a tail in the back.


Julianna said...

You are awesome!! Those little Mario guys are so cute. I love watching kids create.

Jen said...

that's so cool you did the marathon... the boys are really cute... You and the other Amy must shop together or something. All these matching outfits your kids have. :)

pirate ride said...

YEA way to go!! You did Awesome!!!

Forbes Clan of Five said...