Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Stuff

Kaisey and Binx watching Daddy cut tile. I think it's hilarious that these two are the exact same height, and weight for that matter!

It's been a while since I've done any blogging. We have decided to jump on the "moving" wagon. We've been hard at work cleaning, tiling, painting, etc. I'm extremely nervous about it. I have prayed, and I feel that this is certainly one path we can go down. So if it works, fantastic.....if it doesn't...well that's fantastic also! Whomever lives in our house whether it be us, or someone else, will be blessed with neighbors, and a ward that I adore. I am totally prepared for the roller coaster ride of my life....because when the realtor put the sign in my yard, I had to fight back the tears.

Abbi, Maryn, and Camille preparing for the Activity Days Talent Show.

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby....unless they are hugging Mouse.


Mills Family said...

That is hilarious about the dog and your little one. So where are you guys planning on moving to?
Your little one is so cute!

pirate ride said...

There is nothing better then a baby sleeping!! How precious!!

Forbes Clan of Five said...

Even better is when they sleep in your arms. I love to watch Avree sleep. Good luck on moving. Any ideas to where you want to be?