Friday, March 13, 2009

Eureka! Scooby solves the Mystery!

What a fantastic day I am having. Getting some lovin....AND solving the garbage can mystery!

The "lovin" I'm referring to, is from my baby. Kaisey is NOT a cuddly baby. Today I got a love from her for at least 2 minutes. That was one of the best 2 minutes of my life!

Now on to my mystery. My garbage can has been missing a couple times. I have had to put it across the street since Trent has one of his MANY (I call it like I see it honey) work trucks parked in front of our house. I have forgotten to put the garbage can away, and it has ended up at the neighbors house. I couldn't figure it out until today.

I was sitting in the office playing on facebook (thanks facebook) and I watched this adorably slow walking little man put the neighbor's garbage can away. Thanks to my hubby's worker (who wrecked one of our trucks this week) we didn't have to put the garbage cans across the street. So this little man proceeds to my house...and I not really getting the entire picture yet....ducked (cuz my blinds were open) and watched. He slowly put one of my garbage cans away, and then went back for the other. I, in the mean time, am still watching, and he keeps going. That's when I go for my camera. I'm not so sure that this was an easy thing for this man to do. He put all the garbage cans away in my cirlce, and then proceeded to go up the neighborhood.

Who is this masked man? (I am actually in tears.) Such a tiny act of kindness that has made a BIG impression on me today. I will pay it forward.


mel♥nie said...

Ah, that is sweet. Send him to our circle. We have to put our cans in the middle of the circle and no one can get around them.

Oh, by the way, when I zoomed in on the first image, all I could see were basketball hoops. Wow, you must live in a pretty athletic area ;)

Kristen said...

How cute! How can you move away when people put your garbage cans away for you? I bet you don't find that everywhere!

beauaxton said...

That is Bro. Skidmore!!! He is AMAZING!! He is sis. Gillmans father (he lives with her) He also mows a lot of our neighbors lawns! He is the true meaning of unselfish love and charity!! We love him!!


cherish said...

Hi Amy,
His name is Karl Skidmore. He lives on my street. Without fail every week he walks around the neighborhood and brings in EVERYONE'S garbage cans. I think he is the nicest person I have ever met in my life!! We love Karl!

The Olson Gang! said...

We had a "mystery garbage can man" too, when we lived in WJ - Only he ended up being a 12 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy - and it took me 3 years to figure out who it was - for the first couple of years I thought we just had AWESOME garbage men that would return the garbage cans to the garage...(right....) When this young man turned 16 instead of buying a car (like most 16 year olds) he purchased a bike that he had his eyes on for several years. The 2nd day after purchasing his "wheels" someone stole his bike right off his front porch when he went inside for a drink before finishing "garbage can duty" on garbage day. It broke my heart -but because of his small act of kindness - (which he did every garbage day FAITHFULLY- rain, sun, sleet, snow, hail, blizzard you name it - he did it - for the entire 8 years we lived there and then some more) we were able to collect enough money from the neighborhood so that he could purchase a new set of "wheels". For years I watched as he would ride his bike from driveway to driveway, put the kick stand down on his bike, grab a garbage can, pull it up to the garage, and then get back on his bike and start the process all over again at the next driveway. I would watch with tear filled eyes as he served our neighborhood and gave such unconditional love and example to all of us (which ended up being 127 homes total)- and then to see every single family willingly donate anywhere from $5-25 for him to put towards his new set of "wheels" brought tears and joy to this young man.

What great examples these people are. Truly inspired to give unconditional love and service without any strings attached.... Thanks for the reminder.... the true meaning of Christ like love.

pirate ride said...

Oh.. what a cute little guy!! Amy I think you would make a very good Daphney!!

Forbes Clan of Five said...

I also have neighbors that bring in my garbage cans every Thursday and plow my driveway everytime it snows. They are incredible to us. Ecspecially while Jamie's gone.