Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeling Crafty

Pillowcases I decorated with dance team...and football team info.
A decorative candy jar.


Coombs Family said...

You are VERY crafty!

Mills Family said...

You are so crafty I wish I had talent like that, maybe once my house is done you can come and decorate it for me cuz I so suck at that.
Those cookies look so yummy!

pirate ride said...

Very cute!! I want the Candy Jar!! Where oh where do I get??

Amy said...

I got the pumpkin jar at Walmart, and the candlestick I bought at Hobby Lobby. It's totally super hard and complicated. E6000 (a super super duty glue) is spread around the base of the candlestick holder and voila! :) Tie with a ribbon and fill with candies.