Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sunday afternoon Trent told me there was a fire behind the mountain. I wasn't really worried about it til later that night I came outside to see this.....

I still wasn't TOO worried when I saw this.....

Trent in the mean time called me from taking Baylee to the airport. He told me that Camp Williams had started this fire. As the night progressed and we started hearing about all the evacuations WAY too close to us....we started to panic. I was trying to get the kids to bed because they had school in the morning. Kaleb was the MOST upset. "What if we don't get out in time?" I had to explain that this is the Firefighters job. They wouldn't let be in our homes if it wasn't safe. He was OK with that...but still pretty upset. We told the kids to say their prayers. IMMEDIATELY after Kaleb said his prayer he yelled, "MOM! It's gonna be ok. The Still Small Voice told me."

That's when I realized it was gonna be ok....but just to be safe, we packed bags up. I wanted to be ready so that if we DID need to go, we weren't gonna be without things we'd need. Soon after that Trent got called out for the National Guard to go help.

Then we saw this.....

Still is further away than it looks....but pretty scary.

Looking at this the day after. Unbelievable that only 3 people lost their homes. Truly a miracle.

So finally today I finally started unpacking my bag with my makeup, curling iron, blowdryer, favorite jewelry and clothes. Moved on to the kids and I was humbled once again by the things my children chose to pack (after I'd packed their clothes and shoes) a picture of Christ in one, and the Scriptures in another. They are constantly teaching me by their innocence.

A reminder to us all to be ready for emergencies. I would have left all of my important documents. I'm going to sit down and make a list of the things that we need to have. In watching a couple of my neighbors, they were taking pictures of everything they owned. Very very smart.

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Mills Family said...

Oh wow that is so scary I can't believe how close it was to you guys I would have been freaking out. I agree we all need to be more prepared for emergencies. We are actually going to be moving into our new house soon and while we are packing I am going to put all my important documents in one place so if I ever have to grab it all in a hurry incase of a fire or so I will have it all together its the only smart thing to do. Anyways I am glad you guys are all safe and that your home is too.