Tuesday, April 14, 2009

♫ Should I Stay or Should I Go? ♪

That is the question. We did sell our house, and now regretfully we've changed our minds. For many, many reasons....and don't ask...cuz I don't want to go there. Will our buyers have compassion and let us out of the contract? I don't know. Their realtor will not call ours back. So will we be in the middle of a lawsuit in 30 days? I sure hope not.

So to cheer myself up, I'm gonna buy myself a Sphynx kitten. How does this help? It just does, and it's my birthday....so anything goes right?


Forbes Clan of Five said...

Good luck. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Try to have a Happy Birthday.


GoodyGang said...

U R 2 Funny! I want to see your kitty. Do you want us to come over with our tents and signs?

dido said...

you have a contract honor it and move on it's not there fault

Amy said...

dido (or shall I say buyers?)

While I understand it's not their fault this isn't my fault either. However the circumstances have changed DRAMATICALLY. Unless you are the buyers, you don't know the situation, and you can keep your opinions to yourself. After all, everybody knows what they say about opinions?

BTW who invited you here anyhow?