Friday, April 24, 2009

Good News/Bad News

I received fantastic news yesterday. The buyers of our house are going to let us out of the contract. While I want to believe it was out of the goodness of their hearts, I believe that gentle persuasion (from a lawyer) and $ had more to do with it. But I don't really care at this point. We get to stay. They are seeking some damages, and I am more than willing to give them what is fair. I do feel REALLY bad for this entire mess.

So neighbors.....I don't know for you if it qualifies as good news or bad news. But the news is......we are here to stay. FOREVER!


Kristen said...

Forever and Ever? Sorry, I just watched Enchanted yesterday! That is awesome! I am sure your circle neighbors couldn't be more thrilled!

Anonymous said...

One less stress!!! I'm glad you don't have to go to court over it. Still a little sad you didn't come move by me though! =(

Hope things are going good, and I'm glad to see you haven't had to block your blog!

amy said...

I think it is great news? To bad about the damages ($) but at least everyone wins in a way.