Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy December

Happy 11th birthday to my Abbi! I cannot believe that she's growing so fast! 11 years ago on her due date, I told her daddy Brad that we had 5 minutes to make it to the hospital before another contraction. AND....he had locked the keys in the car while it was running. But we made it and 16 1/2 hours later, Abbigale was born. Abbi is such a witty, loving, and VERY smart girl.

We gave her a CHEF party. My mother made the aprons and we put the girls names on the hats. I attempted to teach the girls how to make homemade lemonade, rootbeer, fruit pizza's, and mini pizza's. We also had a chocolate fountain.

The next morning was our ward christmas brunch. There were some fun activities for the kids to do including a pinata. Kaisey wanted her turn....until it was her turn.

The dance studio had it's christmas recital as well.

Stranger anxiety? Or should I say Santa anxiety?
Kaleb built his very own snowman all by himself! The snowman also has on a BYU beenie.

She's FINALLY getting some hair!
What an adventure we always have with this little girl. Each christmas we let the kids pick out a new ornament to put on the tree. I think that Kaisey has broken almost every one within her reach AND we've only had our tree up for 6 days.


mcafeesluvcali said...

Sean has broken half of our ornaments also. She is SOOOO darling.

Coombs Family said...

No kidding busy December! Abbi's birthday party was amazing. How will you top that one?

I especially love the tutu pictures :)

Mills Family said...

Your kids are so cute! K so can I just hire you to plan my kids birthday parties hehehe, what a great birthday party! My boys 1st birthday is coming up in feb do you have any ideas for it I am struggling!