Saturday, September 20, 2008

Draining the Pool

We finally decided that it was time to take down the pool. Trent makes everything quite the event. The neighbors came over, and everyone got into their swimming suits. Instead of hooking up the hose and and draining it into the gutter, they all climb on the edge. Someone got thrown in at one point, and then it was River Barney.

Earlier in the day, I asked the Samoans that were doing the neighbors concrete if they had a card, because we wanted to "eventually" pour concrete where the pool is. So the guy tells me that he'll just come give me a bid in 5 minutes. So I'm thinking...ok, then I know what to save for. He comes and looks over the spot (no tape measure, no nothing) says $1200, and we'll be here Monday morning. Hello!!!!

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The Olson Gang! said...

OK!!! That happened to us too!! Only they came knocking at our door telling us that they had some "extra" concrete and wanted to know if we wanted our side driveway poured.... well....sure we do - but we're not ready for it! Then after Todd thought about it - we need stairs poured in the back to get out of the walk out - so he went a looking for them....he came back - not tape measure no nothing! Said $1200 for the stairs....we'll be here tomorrow! OH REALLY!?!?!?!? Then he wanted us to come and look at the work that they are doing - so we followed....ok - beautiful work - but seriously?!?!? $1200 for STAIRS?!?!?! - Like 4 steps?!?!?! Funny funny man!!! - I'm thinking your's sounds like a much better deal than ours!! :O)

Good to see you blogging!!!!! I'm add'n you !!!